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The Membership Committee is compromised of those who are impartial and willing to review and recommend membership to users who apply, in order to ensure the highest degree of cooperation, respect, and friendliness, as well as a healthy working environment for all those in the project.

Current Members of the Membership Team

  • Leonardo Melo
  • Robert Xu
  • If you believe you are fit for this committee, and you are an existing OMA member, you may bring up a request to join before the Council.

Current members of OpenMandriva are Members and council members lists.

Joining the OpenMandriva Association

The membership is free and open to all active contributors to the OpenMandriva projects.
We believe in Open Source, freedom, and collaboration; and aim to be knowledgeable.
As a member you will be able to vote in the elections for the various administrative positions, and may run for election as well.

Statutory Agreements

You must agree that as a member of the OpenMandriva association (herein known as "the association" or "OMA"):

  • you acknowledge the statutes and bylaws of the Association. You may see the details at:
  • you are someone that represents the association to the outside world. You must always make a best effort to support the professional, dedicated attitude and polite, respective mannerism with other people. A member of OMA is respectful to OMA in all of its communications, including cases of internal disagreements (which should be sorted out as soon as possible with involved members/teams, respectfully);
  • you are part of a team - the OpenMandriva team. You must realise and accept that your personal opinion may differ from the group opinion or that of another member. You are welcome to defend your point of view, but you must be respectful when your opinion is not accepted by the majority. That is how teams cooperate;
  • your contributions are not the only ones - they are supplemented by all of our members. Please be respectful of other attempts to help with your work;
  • any contribution on our infrastructure, especially official statements, may be proof-read and modified by the communication team for language, content accuracy, and coordination. It must be correct from our understanding or point of view. Email for submitting content for official review: om-com;
  • breaking any statutes may lead to a loss of OpenMandriva Association Membership;
  • that these statutes may change at any time, and you are expected to follow them.


As the OpenMandriva Association is a legal entity, we need the following information from you:

  • Full Name
  • Name you want Published
  • E-Mail Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Birth Date
    If you are under 18, we must have authorization from your parents or legal guardians.

Your mailing address and birth date will stay with the membership committee and council, and be kept private. Your name you want published and any screen name given will appear on our official list of members of the Association in our wiki. The provided private data will be not be transferred to any third party and will be treated with caution and respect. It will also not be merged with our infrastructure system (i.e. kept in a separate database).

Also tell us a little bit about yourself, your involvement in Linux and such.

The following items are handy to know, but are optional:

  • IRC Nickname / Screen Names
  • Phone Number
  • OpenPGP public key
  • CAcert public key

Again, these last items are not required, just optional information.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in OpenMandriva!


OMA membership committee

To apply for membership, send e-mail with the above information to

Please remember that decisions about membership are made by the membership committee and the council. Decisions are based on, but not limited to, member-to-be contributions, reputation and relations with other team members. Please treat the decisions with respect. They are not personal and do contain reason behind them. Thank you.