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The Technical Committee is formed out of the active developers which are members of the association, in order to have a coordinating body for the technical parts of the distribution.

Role/Description of the TC

Please be aware that this description is not finalized.

Technical leadership of the Linux project, including technical decisions, is delegated by council to TC.

Technical committee (TC) consists of 5 or more people, members of Association. TC members are leaders by example, competent, high professional and dedicated. TC has fluent structure, ie some members could be out if they are not present for long, to become a member, one needs to be known and respected by Cooker participants. Decision about TC membership is taken by existing TC and Council in consensus (if no consensus is found, decision is not taken. Though all involved members will always apply best efforts to reach consensus and find compromises).

Any OMA Member, being part of the TC or not, can be paid for full or part functions by any contractor. If the payment is made through the association, council is responsible for the contractual issues, each contract suggestion has to be supported by evident needs and (details as in statutes and given by French law).

TC takes it’s decisions by consensus method (the possibility for voting remains, but if such necessity comes, we see it as an issue, getting beyond particular issue on the table).

TC advises on technical strategy and actions, and keeps the record of it's meetings. To keep the records accessible by all members and contributors, TC uploads the logs to the wiki to the defined place weekly (would be good if TC decides who exactly attends to the logs to avoid “we all thought it was done” situations). If some news is to be announced publicly (decisions with focus on internal or external communication), TC would send it to Com Team for preparation of announcement.

Any issues or questions not covered in this definition are treated as statutes dictate this. Changes of the definition of the team description or similar matters could be done anytime, given consensus of TC and council.

Decisions, the TC is in charge of

(This is a non-complete list but should give you an idea)

  • freezing of packages or cooker as whole
  • which package versions to include
  • which packages should go in main, which in contrib, or other repositories
  • it's own organizing as long as it fit's inside it's role/description above


(please be aware that just adding you here won't get you inside this team)

  • Bero (Release manager)
  • PCPA
  • Gmoro
  • Mdawkins
  • Aburmashev
  • Pulfer
  • NicCo
  • Fedya
  • Arisel (Point of Contact)
  • VladimirRubanov
  • DenisSilakov
  • Crisb
  • Solbu
  • TPG (Project manager)



The TC meets on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC.

Meeting place is #openmandriva-cooker @freenode


Meeting minutes

Old meetings minutes:

Early meeting logs

They can be found here.