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About the OpenMandriva Association

Latest Release: OMLx 4.1
Learn more about this release, including what's new and the release notes.

Release date: 01 February 2020
Download OMLx 4.1

What is OpenMandriva Lx?

OpenMandriva Lx is an exciting free Desktop Operating System which aims to stimulate and interest first time and advanced users alike. It has the breadth and depth of an advanced system but is designed to be simple and straightforward in use.


If you need any help using OpenMandriva, from installing it on your system to using it, adding new applications or tinkering with new features, feel free to browse through our wiki articles for help!

House.png Community Portal
The centre of the OpenMandriva Users' wiki.
Info 1.png First Time User?
Learn about OpenMandriva, and how to install and use it.
Box content.png Using Your System
How to use your system, and customize it to suit your needs.
Box refresh.png Software Management
Finding and installing new applications.
Infra.png Hardware
Making sure that your devices work fine with OpenMandriva.
FAQ.png Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly referenced articles and tips for your OpenMandriva system.
Float.png Troubleshooting
Finding out problems and helping people solve them.
Sheet.png Cheat Sheets
Helpful for quick go-to information.
Chat.png More Support
No luck? Email our mailing lists or stop by on IRC.


This is the one-stop shop for all contributors! All documentation by teams are made here, and all contributors are advised to document their work in the respective namespaces.

If you want to become a contributor, now's never been better! Browse around the team portals, and stop by the Job Centre to join a team or look for openings.

Box download.png Cooker
The powerhouse of the distribution - Development Team.
L10n.png Localization
Translating our work into your language.
Mod.png Moderation
Keeping the community friendly, and providing support.
Glass.png Quality Assurance
Monitors the distribution for any issues.

Workshop2.png Workshop
In addition, we have the Workshop, which is the group that manages all the following teams:

Chart 3.png Artwork
Artwork, Themes, and more for OpenMandriva.
Comm.png Communication
Press Releases and Announcements.
Doc.png Documentation
Creating and maintaining manuals and procedures.
Star.png Infrastructure
Keeping the lights on within OpenMandriva.


The OpenMandriva Association sponsors and facilitates the maintenance and distribution of the OpenMandriva distribution. As a French NGO ("Association de loi 1901″), it is in charge of "representing the OpenMandriva community [and] channeling and attracting resources and contributors".

48px-Help-browser.png About the Association
The history and current state of the association.
48px-Network-workgroup.png Technical Committee
The managing board of OpenMandriva's technical affairs.
48px-System-users.png Membership Committee
The OpenMandriva membership board and management.
48px-Application-certificate.png Council
The Association Board. Manages all aspects of the Association, and leads.

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